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Since I first began working in the collage medium, I have come to view it as a metaphor for life: parts of diverse elements come together to create a larger whole.

My work deals with spirituality, relationships and intimacy,  historical perspective, social justice, and personal remembrance.

As a Black woman and a Christian, I feel a sense of responsibility to create images that celebrate my heritage and my faith, while being candid about the individual and collective challenges and joys that shape everyday life.

Naturally curious, I am driven to experiment with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. I don’t believe there is such thing as a ‘new’ idea; there are, however, an unlimited number of possible interpretations of what has always been.

Color is the language through which I convey emotion, mood, and state of being. The intricacy of the methods employed fosters intimacy with the work that I aim to pass along to the viewer,  encouraging engagement with the work visually and intellectually.

I embrace a simple philosophy about art: It need not always make a statement. However, it should always inspire thought and spark a degree of curiosity. This idea allows me to indulge my imagination and allows for a large measure of experimentation. 




Making art is like raising a child. Seldom does it take the path you've envisioned to meet the expectations you've imposed upon it. Still, you find a way to love it."   - STARO

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Liberty's Shame, Copyright 2023

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